Beautiful white teeth

are a sign of

health and aesthetics

In our practice we use the highest quality materials and the most modern procedures in aesthetic dentistry.

Our treatments include:

Professional teeth cleaning

Here, hard and soft plaque and discolouration are all removed from the surfaces of the teeth (special: bleaching) which are then polished and fluoridated.
In our dental practice at Hackescher Markt in Berlin, you will also benefit from learning effective tooth brushing techniques and the use of dental aids as part of your professional teeth cleaning.
Regular cleaning treatments act as a preventive measure against the formation of caries and periodontal disease, and also reduces bad breath caused in the oral cavity.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic shells that are used to correct tooth misalignments or to improve the appearance of the teeth. They exhibit a natural effect and are gentle on the tooth structure. For example, veneers can be used to correct fillings on the front teeth, on slight tooth misalignments as
well as dark or chipped teeth.

These are a cost-effective alternative to inlay restorations. The plastic used here is an aesthetically highquality filling material.

Ceramic Inlays
These are naturally designed and invisible ceramic inlays that are made in the laboratory and additionally stabilise the tooth. Unlike gold inlays, they are indistinguishable from the tooth.

All-ceramic Crowns
This option is perfect imitation of nature when crowning is required. Dark metal margins are avoided here and the crown margin is therefore no longer visible.

Implant prosthetics
Here, artificial tooth roots made of titanium are surgically placed in the jawbone and after a certain healing phase they are restored with crowns or bridges, taking into account the red-white aesthetics.

This treatment ensures the gentle removal of deep-lying tooth discolouration caused by food colouring and smoking. Our in-house bleaching service involves the whitening of teeth in just one session.

As a further option, the dental practice of Dr. Sara Danesh at Hackescher Markt offers you the possibility of having a splint made for you, which serves as a carrier for the bleaching material and is worn by you over a few nights for the whitening process.

Periodontist therapy
Periodontitis is a disease of the periodontium. Bacteria attack the periodontium and consequently lead to tooth loosening or even tooth loss.

In our dental practice Dr. Sara Danesh at Hackescher Markt in Berlin, we carry out a comprehensive periodontal therapy to optimally remove dental plaque and thus reduce bacteria that can cause inflammation.
Our periodontal therapy begins with a professional teeth cleaning. The subsequent closed deep cleaning ensures that the remaining bone surrounding the tooth is preserved.

Root canal treatment
At the dental practice of Dr. Sara Danesh at Hackescher Markt in Berlin you will receive the most modern root canal treatment. This treatment is carried out with the help of flexible rotating nickel titanium instruments using a rubber dam to keep bacteria and saliva out. In order to determine the canal length precisely, electrical length measurement is combined with X-ray length measurement.
Afterwards, the canals are filled completely with heated gutta-percha to make them fully resistant to bacteria.

This modern method enables us to perform a largely painless and, in most cases, successful root canal treatment.

Paediatric Dentistry
Ideally, children should learn the correct tooth brushing technique and oral care at an early age to prevent tooth decay and inflammation.
Among other things, the milk teeth serve as placeholders for the permanent teeth. To preserve them, regular dental check-ups are necessary. Individual prophylaxis, timely fissure sealing and fluoride treatment should be carried out at certain intervals.

We provide an age-appropriate approach to your child and treat them in a holistic and reassuring manner.

Invisible braces
Tooth misalignments are corrected with braces ( e.g. Invisalign) by a series of individually made and therefore very comfortable aligners. These removable braces are almost invisible on the teeth.