Aesthetic Dentistry

A radiant smile and beautiful white teeth - who wouldn’t want that?

But not everyone is blessed with these characteristics naturally. Discoloration and flaws on teeth can cause insecurity, and a timid smile. No one feels confident to flash a yellow smile. Stimulants such as tobacco, tea, coffee or red wine contain substances that penetrate into teeth and cause color changes which regular brushing can not remove.  Doctor Sara Danesh helps give nature the little push it needs with the teeth whitening and gives you the long awaited white smile you deserve.

Advice on cosmetic dentistry

Dr. Sara Danesh’s bright and friendly dental practice is equipped with the latest technology and the staff such as Ms. Danesh personally insures patients the friendly care they deserve. Together they address your concerns and advise you on matters of cosmetic dentistry. With easy access to the S-Bahn network, the Dr. Sara Danesh’s cosmetic dentistry practice is easily accessible. The beautiful practice allows a spectacular view over the Hackescher Markt, you might forget quickly you’re in a doctor’s office. Dr. Sara Danesh is happy to help others to bring our their inner beauty and bring forth a radiant beautiful smile. No one should have to hide their smile because of yellow or crooked teeth, when help is available. Take this opportunity to place your trust in the cosmetic dentistry of Dr. Sara Danesh and gain a new sense of life - with beautiful teeth.

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