Dentist Berlin Mitte

Doctor Sara Danesh, a dentist in Berlin, operates at Hackescher Markt Berlin, right in the center of a dental practice. She specializes in aesthetic dentistry, but also offers regular inspections and treatments. Going to the dentist is a chore for most people rather than the pleasant experience it really could be.  Doctor Sara Danesh and her nurse take the fear and burden out of dental visits and give patients the comfortable, pleasant treatment possible.  The practice is located directly at Hackescher Markt, near Alexanderplatz, where our sunny, openly designed rooms invite you to specialized treatments and cosmetic dental treatments such as bleaching and other corrections.

Dentist at Hackescher Markt in Berlin Mitte

Modern technology in Dr. Sara Danesh’s practice promises the best treatment available and a radiant smile. The relaxed environment calms one immediately, to make for a comfortable and enjoyable visit. Dr. Sara Danesh’s practice located directly Hackescher Markt in Berlin Mitte, just a few minutes walk from Alexanderplatz.  A good connection with the railway S 75, S 5, S 7, S 3 ensures you an easy trip to and from the dental practice. Dr. Sara Danesh’s treatment techniques are modern and promise a bright white smile, straight teeth, and reborn self-confidence.  Seek advice from the friendly staff and Mrs Danesh who are happy to give you expert consultation or just visit for your regular six month inspection.

With convenient opening hours Monday and Tuesday 9 AM - 3 PM, and Wednesday through Friday 2 PM - 9 PM  the practice offers professionals the opportunity for top rate dental care after work.

If you do have an question, do not hesitate to keep in contact via the contact-form.